• grace scheidler

finals season reminders

originally posted december 16, 2019

this exam season, i've really focused my efforts on not comparing myself to others, be it the amount I’m studying, eating, working out, or even the amount of stress I’m feeling. it sounds like a small thing, but playing the comparison game is a trap i fell into (and still do) a lot last year. instead, i’ve been trying to do what feels right with my body and my schedule. this week, that's felt like eating more, doing less (i really can’t study for more than 4 hours in a single sitting), and trusting my gut.

i keep telling myself in the long run this mentality will pay off. people at notre dame especially are really good at playing the “who has it worse?” game. it usually sounds like this: “you have three finals and a paper? well, I have five finals, two papers, AND a presentation.”

yes, we are all stressed! yes, there is more we could all be doing! but can we stop flexing on how ~everything sucks~ and start embracing the chance to challenge ourselves AND take care of ourselves at the same time?

i’ll get off my soapbox now. i just really REALLY want to see everyone around me succeed in every aspect of life, and to enjoy this time of life—even during exams!