• grace scheidler

instant oatmeal & recovery wins

originally posted january 23, 2020

these oatmeal cups have been one of my favorite parts of sophomore year. they’re such an easy breakfast in the dorm, so tasty, and are great for days where my lunch break is later on in the day.

as i was making mine yesterday, i was reminded of a conversation i had less than a year ago with a nutritionist at my school. i’d realized my food anxiety was getting out of control so i made an appointment to talk to a nutritionist to see if having someone else point out my disordered eating patterns would help. she started by asking me to walk through a typical day of eating (read: not enough). when she suggested having something like oatmeal for breakfast, i remember feeling my stomach bottom out. i remember thinking that she couldn’t make me eat that, that it was too big of a step--and i told her as much. a whole cup of starchy, carby oats at the beginning of my day? i literally went white in the face.

these days it’s something i look forward to, and that's if i think about it at all. AND I add granola on top—more oats! more carbs! it may seem like a small thing, and a little self-centered, but being able to enjoy something as mundane as a cup of oatmeal for breakfast is a win in my book, and a reminder to keep going.