• grace scheidler

sushi & overcoming setbacks

originally posted february 16, 2020

some might say that you can’t find good sushi in the midwest, but i beg to differ. i know there isn’t a body of water remotely close to me that is full of sushi-grade tuna, but i choose not to think about it.

in the spirit of full disclosure, this meal ended up bringing me to as close to a food-triggered panic attack as i’ve been in months. i say “close to” because i was able to catch myself before giving into the carb- and fried-food induced anxiety spiral and move on with my life pretty quickly.

i’m sharing because it caught me off guard for a few reasons. 1) it was a sensation i hadn’t felt in a hot minute, so in a way, i’m grateful for that! i know those thoughts aren’t me anymore. 2) being able to stop the negative thoughts from affecting the rest of my night is something i wouldn’t have been able to do a year ago, so again, grateful for the perspective it gave me. 3) part of the reason i was able to move on with my night is because of all the beautiful people in my life who show me that the worth and value of a person doesn’t come from the calories they consume. experiences are so much more than the food you eat while you’re out!

overall, last night was so much fun, and today i’m choosing to take the slight food anxiety in stride as a perspective check to keep me humble and grateful for all the good in my life. i definitely still have some ish to work through, but i also know i don’t have to do it alone!